Taylor Steed

Taylor has over ten years of experience keeping freshwater and saltwater aquariums in both laboratory and personal settings. As someone who is immediately emotionally-invested in every marine creature she encounters, Taylor is excited to use her experience and expertise to help new aquarium hobbyists create the best environment possible for their fish and invertebrates.

Taylor Steed
Freshwater Aquarium Crabs

7 Crabs for Your Freshwater Aquarium

When creating a freshwater aquarium ecosystem, there is no better creature to add than a freshwater crab. With spitfire personalities, incredible intelligence, easygoing tank preferences, and vibrant colors, freshwater crabs are guaranteed to improve any tank you create. However, like all living things, freshwater crabs require specific habitat characteristics to survive. The following article outlines …

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Set up Turtle Tank

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up the Ideal Turtle Habitat

If you’ve ever interacted with a freshwater turtle, you know that the turtle stereotypes you’ve heard are horribly incorrect. Turtles are upbeat, inquisitive, and bubbly creatures with humorous personalities and gentle spirits. Thanks to their long life expectancies and relatively low maintenance requirements, turtles can be the perfect addition to any home. However, though they …

A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up the Ideal Turtle Habitat Read More »

Fresh water aquarium shark

Top 10 Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

If you’ve ever tried to create a robust ecosystem within a freshwater aquarium, you know that there is one role that can be exceptionally hard to fill: the role of the apex predator. What you might know is that there is a group of fish that can fill it; they are known as freshwater sharks.

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