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types of plecos that stay small

Top 5 Types of Plecos That Stay Small

The Plecostomus is in millions of aquaria around the world. These dedicated, suckermouth catfish have long been a staple in the aquarium trade. Unfortunately, the Common Pleco gets too big for most small to medium-sized tanks. Enter small Plecos, which come with a bit of variety. Looking for a smaller algae-eating solution? Read on!

Aquarium Tetra Species

15 Fantastic Types of Tetra Species for Freshwater Aquariums

Tetra fish are one of the most popular groups of fish for personal freshwater aquariums. With over 700 different species, tetra fish span the spectrum of colors, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, the hardest part about adding a tetra species to your aquarium is narrowing it down to just one! Below, we’ve provided an overview of …

15 Fantastic Types of Tetra Species for Freshwater Aquariums Read More »

Fresh water aquarium shark

Top 10 Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

If you’ve ever tried to create a robust ecosystem within a freshwater aquarium, you know that there is one role that can be exceptionally hard to fill: the role of the apex predator. What you might know is that there is a group of fish that can fill it; they are known as freshwater sharks.

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