Fresh water aquarium shark

Top 10 Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

If you’ve ever tried to create a robust ecosystem within a freshwater aquarium, you know that there is one role that can be exceptionally hard to fill: the role of the apex predator. What you might know is that there is a group of fish that can fill it; they are known as freshwater sharks.

Cold Water Aquarium Fish and invertebrates

Top 16 Cold Water Aquarium Fish (That Don’t Need A Heater)

Cold water aquariums aren’t just something for beginners who haven’t yet progressed to tropical tanks; they present a whole other world of fish keeping possibilities. Many species of aquarium fish simply aren’t suited to warmer waters, and for the beginner or enthusiast alike, there is a whole array of species to get you positively reeling …

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cherry shrimp care

Your Guide to Cherry Shrimp and Their Care

Cherry Shrimp are astoundingly popular in aquaria, but the novice often has many questions. If you’re looking to get them answered, you’re in the right place. I’m going to break down the care requirements of Neocardina davidi for you, and give you the information you need to create a thriving colony of these attractive invertebrates.